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Emily / Corporate


Proposal Writer

Current Branch: Corporate

At RDI Since: 2015

Starting Position: Proposal Writer

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What is your favorite/most memorable moment at RDI?
The RDI holiday cookie exchange! We each brought 2 dozen homemade cookies and put them in one of the conference rooms and shared them with everyone. It was so nice to catch up with people in such a festive, social atmosphere, and of course, to eat cookies!
What has surprised you at RDI?
How willing everyone is to help each other. When I don’t understand technologies or complex processes, my coworkers—even from different departments—are always helpful in bringing me up to speed.
What is your role/responsibilities at RDI (not job title)?
I help bring in new business by writing and submitting proposals that showcase the RDI team’s experience and capabilities.
What is a “day-in-the-life” like for you?
Meeting with the marketing team to discuss the day’s activities, reading RFPs, preparing staff resumes, writing project descriptions, coordinating with SMEs to write proposals, communicating with procurement officers, and training new employees on how to use RDI’s Skills Matrix.
If you took a year off, what would you do?
Read, travel, and go horseback riding in each country that I visited!