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Janna / Corporate



Current Branch: Corporate

At RDI Since: 2013

Starting Position: HR Assistant

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What is your favorite thing about the RDI office?
The culture. Everyone at RDI is very friendly and approachable, and we truly value work-life balance.
What is your favorite thing about your role?
I enjoy interviewing people from all over the country, learning about their backgrounds, their goals, what inspires them. Also, describing to people my background and what it’s like living in Alaska and what a great company RDI is to work for.
What was your job before you joined RDI?
Prior to RDI, I worked at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce as the Membership Development Coordinator. Similar to my current role at RDI, I had the opportunity to speak to people from all over the country and describe life in Alaska. It was also a great networking environment where I met a lot of my friends and colleagues in Anchorage.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
I’ve lived in Alaska over 4 years, and I enjoy snow sports, hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, fishing, pretty much everything Alaska has to offer. Indoors I like reading, watching TV, movies at the Beartooth, and listening to live music.
If you took a year off, what would you do?
Travel overseas. My husband and I have visited Ireland, England, Spain, and Italy. It’s a completely different world over there, and I’d love to spend a lot more time exploring.