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Rachel / Houston



Current Branch: Houston

At RDI Since: 2015

Starting Position: Programmer/Analyst

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What is the best thing about RDI for you?
The best thing about RDI is exposure to different types of technologies and getting to interact with so many people.
What has surprised you at RDI?
The biggest thing that surprised me at RDI is how personable RDI is. I came to RDI just out of school, and unlike large companies with lots of tape to cut through, at RDI you are a person with skills and not just a number. This really gives you the opportunity to learn and grow. 
What is your favorite thing about the RDI office?
My favorite thing about the RDI office is the windows! The windows cover the entire outside wall of my office, and I love to look out and see what is going on. However, when it is storming, it is hard not to think about wanting to nap! 
What is your favorite work location? Why?
My favorite work location is the client’s site. While working on the client’s site, you get a deeper understanding of the purpose of your work and how the client will benefit from the project that you are working on.
If you took a year off, what would you do?
If I took a year off I would travel! My next trip will be to Switzerland. I plan on going bungee jumping off of the same dam that James Bond bungee jumped off of in Golden Eye. I, too, can be as cool as James Bond.