About RDI: Meet Some of Our People

Zachary / Boise


Technical Lead

Current Branch: Boise

At RDI Since: 2014

Starting Position: Sr. GIS Programmer/Analyst

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What is the best thing about RDI for you?
RDI has a great work-life balance, which is great because I love to be outside whenever possible.
How do you describe RDI to your friends?
I describe RDI as a 'laid-back' working environment with great people to work with.
How has RDI benefited your career?
My fellow employees are programming and GIS experts.  I have learned so much by working with such talented people, and it has made me a better developer.
What is your favorite work location? Why?
My office at RDI is great.  I have a fast workstation, big monitor, stand-up desk, and a great officemate.  But I also like to work on the couch of a local coffee shop or the public library.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
In the winter you will find me up at Bogus Basin, the ski area right outside of Boise, snowboarding.  In the summer I am out riding my bike or hiking.  I also am a home beer brewer.