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Technical Project Manager in Portland, OR

See if this describes you: confident of your technical accomplishments and ready to have broader influence; able to walk through complex data models, have respectful and engaging discussions with technical leads, and show examples of applications you’ve built with technologies like Java or C#; and, ready to take more responsibility for project success. Sound about right? If challenging problems, great teams, and diverse roles speak to your idea of a fulfilling career, we need to talk!

Our project managers work with technical staff as much as they do with clients and business users. They understand effective project management isn’t about checking boxes; it’s about communication and leadership. Ultimately, our work is about results, so we’re going to be more interested in what you’ve done than any specific languages you know or tools you use.

Interested? Let’s take a look at what your first year here looks like. In the first three months:

  • You’ve developed a good working relationship with the senior project manager. You appreciate their mentorship and style.
  • You’ve taken responsibility for key deliverables. The project plan you developed is practical and reflects the reality of your development team.
  • You’ve started highlighting areas of confusion and complexity. You are conducting further analysis and making sure the requirements are represented in the design. You’re helping developers identify ways to reduce complexity.

After 6 months you are feeling comfortable with RDI and your role.

  • You’ve got a great working relationship with the client; they consider you a trusted advisor.
  • You are working with users and developers, advocating for ideas to add value to the project and the system.
  • You’re continuing to work closely with the development team in an iterative and agile manner.
  • You use prototypes to set courageous goals, but follow them up with milestones based in reality. Your client demos go exceedingly smooth and always surpass expectations.
  • You’ve started working to make sure testing is coordinated and there is adequate coverage.
  • You provide leadership and developers love being on the team. You naturally exemplify the RDI core value of teamwork.
  • You’ve been able to start working with the tech lead to build quality and consistency into the process and all products.
  • You can see the future. You anticipate problems and mitigate them quickly; you make it look easy.

After only one year, you feel this is home.

  • The development team is yours; you’ve helped develop the talent and they are working together as a group of professionals and peers dedicated to success.
  • You are working directly with project stakeholders as to how your projects align with strategic initiatives in the business.
  • You have a seat at the table when discussing new projects. The client respects your leadership and practical view of technology; they appreciate that you don’t fall back on “PM speak.”
  • The senior project manager still provides support and mentorship, but has turned over much of the authority for the project to you.
  • You’re helping RDI get a lot done for the client; we’re making them look great!

That’s just one year, but this is the start of a great career. You love coming in to work and being around other smart, talented people. You appreciate the flexibility and commitment to work-life balance RDI is known for. You feel satisfied with your accomplishments and empowered to take on more.

The project team spends most of their time at the client site, but some are in other offices, as well. You’ll have to use your excellent communication skills to achieve project goals. The work RDI does isn’t just system implementation; it is cutting edge development that requires a variety of skills. You’ll have a strong support network across the 190+ employees at RDI, but it takes time to build it and initiative to fully leverage it.

Starting in Alaska 30 years ago, RDI has grown to over 190 professionals in 6 offices across the country. We’re ready and eager to demonstrate high-value results to local clients through our commitment to people, technology, and results. Learn more and submit your application at

RDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.

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